luxury bags

Our handbags are not cheap knockoffs. All come from brand's source factory. All the quality is exactly the same as the genuine one at counters & brand stores.

About our listing branded handbags,

Our listing handbags catalogue contains a wide range of the first class luxury production. These bags definitely are not poor quality knock off or imitation.

Of course we are not selling under the authorization of the brand, but our handbags' materials are exactly the same as the genuine ones, including leather/clothing material, pattern, zipper, metal buckle, logo, interior trim...

Because our listing handbags are all from the source manufacturers of Brand owners directly. Although we cannot say that we are genuine, we are definitely not fake/knock off handbags.  Because the production process, procedure and materials of our listing handbags are from the same supplier(s) as the genuine owners, but these bags are not sold through the brand owners’ distribution channels and stores. Therefore our websites handbags in here are 1:1 quality as genuine ones.